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jueves, 23 de noviembre de 2017



Today is November 23, 2017, and it is Thanksgiving; a day in which we commemorate the first dinner shared by the American Indians and the first settlers who were greeted by them.
But for me, it is a celebration of diversity; it is a reminder that this land has always welcomed the tired, thirsty and hungry, and taken them into account.  It is a celebration of respect for the right to equal opportunities and rights.  It is a celebration of the different races and cultures that have come together and have helped make it great. It is also a reminder that most of those who call themselves Americans, descend from foreigners who were welcomed to stay by the real owners of the land: the native American Indians.  
Today, as we sit at our tables for a special meal, or as multiple families and institutions welcome the needy, the forgotten  or the lonely, we are also giving thanks to God for our meals, for family and friendship; for all those little things that unite us and make us share  this great country  " with liberty and justice for all";  for the return of family every year to spend a unity meal.
In this space, I thank God for my family, for my children who continue our name and traditions and who make the big effort to get home and share it with us.
I also thank God for my friends who have been around us faithfully all these years, sharing our wonderful cultures and have made life so much simpler in a country which is now our home.
I give thanks to God for my friends and family abroad and for all the good times together.    
I give thanks to God for the opportunity to exceed ourselves and for having been able to give our children a comfortable life and education.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!          
November 23, 2017