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domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

Protect the environment with a Hybrid

Customer Name: Valdivieso
Tag Number: 2482
It has been a year almost since we got our Lexus Hybrid....I would describe it as an elegant, smooth running "appliance".  You turn it on with a button and you have to spend a hell of a time trying to learn how does it work. One day I spent one hour trying to figure out how to set it on drive and I got a big scare, when I didn't know how to turn it off.  Another day I froze during the winter because my windshield kept fogging and the only way to get rid of the fog was using the air conditioner. I guess I am very lazy reading manuals!!!
We decided to get the car because we were polluting the environment with our big clunker GM van. We had it for almost 17 years, and was about time to change it. Once I was so embarrased to be picked up by my husband and his trashed van at the hospital, after a procedure, that I wanted to escape the wheel chair; but I was captured by the nurse in charge of me. Mr. Obama and his incentive with his Cash for Clunkers program convinced my "very van attached" husband to finally give it up. He is very "environmentally conscious"!  This car promised low carbon emmisions and he was charmed! I kept one of its seats with the hopes of adding a wheeled base to it and surprising my husband with an office chair which would make him believe he was still sitting in the van! One birthday has passed and it is still sitting in my garage, reminding me each time I look at it, that dreams need to be materialized!!! I must remind my designer niece to draw a model of what I can do.  After all she promised!
Well, Lexus gives you a complimentary service for the first 5,000 and 10,000 miles.  And if there is any recall, which most new cars have been having this past year, they also will let you know.  When my husband asked me to take it for the service, I was not very happy about this, but I made up my mind that I had to wait and read my book and off I went.  I was greeted by a guy dressed with a green vest with the Lexus logo, who gave me a number and escorted me inside to register with the front desk. They introduced me to an impecably dressed gentleman, Gerry, who gathered some information about the car and promised to call me in about one hour and a half.  I was invited to go upstairs and was promised a lot of ammenities while I waited.
I had to write down this experience.  I don't know if othe car companies have this attention, but I have to admit that the people who came up with it have a thorough idea of what marketing is and how to entice customers!!! Upstairs they had comfortable chairs, a 50 inch digital TV (by the way, I heard all about the Whoppi and the White House crashers' fight!), internet access, a big variety of chef prepared food ( I was told so by one of the employees) and coffee and drinks....and ohhhhhh! a free massage! Of course I forgot my book! I installed myself in the coffee station and literally "learned" how to operate the capuccino machine. The refrigerator was full of goodies, but it was not lunch time yet and one pretends that one is food conscious (whatever that means). So I wanted to look up my mail in the internet and cunningly sat by the masseuse, so all these shy people who had not yet decided if they wanted to be next, would not approach her first.  I announced to her, after sayin coochi, coochi to the customer's baby who was sitting  in his carriage next to her, while she was oooing and aahing (my best way to express the sounds) while she was being massaged: ''I will be next!".  Certainly...the chinese lady said.  The internet site didn't work and I just kept trying and trying...I might loose my place in the invisible line.... Finally, it was my turn: I kneeled on one of those massage benches and she started her job. Of course, I can never be I asked her where did she live, where did she learn to massage and how many children she had. I think she liked my questions, since most people don't even talk to ungrateful!!! She was fantastic and she bared with me for a half hour. She said I had to drink a glass of water inmediately, to clear the toxines released by the procedure. 
After that, it was almost lunch time, so I walked to the food station, thinking that I would have a great time, serving myself a wrap and a fruit salad...and of obedient and drink my water.
I was just finishing to open the water bottle, when Gerry came up to escort me to get my car.  I said: "So soon?" Well, well.  I pretended I had to serve myself another coffee and I think he understood, because he said: "When ever you are ready!!!".  I hastily ate my lunch and came down to get my car.  He was looking at me suspiciously!!!  But yes!!! He told me something about a recall!!! Yes!!!! They will send me a letter in the mail to come back for that service.  I tell you! My husband is not going there this time...I will get that letter before he finds out!!!
Lexus...Nice idea for marketing.  Maybe after this, under my husband's standards I will not get a new car in 10 years, but I will definitely take advantage of the complimentary service while I can.  Lexus doesn't have to know, but definitely, by writing this, I am also paying them with a piece of a marketing strategy.  Who is smarter?
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