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martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

The Newpaper Conflict

Every day I receive a lot of calls from all kinds of vendors.  Half the time I am having the coolest of dreams and they wake me up! I don't even need an alarm clock!! They offer everything...from wonderful opportunities to invest your money (who knows some new Maddoff scheme is on the brew?),  the most secure and weather proof windows for your house, wonderful tv packages, a cleaning service, chimney cleaning now that the winter is in progress...and of course, an array of promotions or offers from the local newspapers! 
One of those rare days on which my husband picks up the phone, one of the vendors offered him a promotion which he couldn't refuse: 10 days of newspaper delivery for $5.00 dollars!  Saturday and Sunday newspaper were going to cost him only $.50. He tried to cancel my favorite one which publishes the local adds...which I refused! I knew the new one was going to be temporary.  Well, anyway, one day he got mad because the "paper boy" ( now, with the economical situation, the delivery is done  by people of all ages) was throwing it to the sidewalk, and not directly to our door, so he called the newspaper office and complained (often, when it rains, they get wet). The very next day, he received a call from the delivery person's daughter...she was very mad because her father was in a wheel chair and couldn't get out of the car to reach our front porch. My husband didn't have any way of knowing this, but he agreed to help the man and pick it up from the sidewalk.
 Ten days ...15 days...went by, and the newpaper called asking my husband to pay the extra days.  As I heard him talk, I couldn't help from laughing real hard while I heard the conversation.  He told the lady on the other side of the phone, that he only had a 10 day compromise, that he didn't have a clue with whom he should communicate to stop he delivery...that he was not interested and that he was not going to pay the difference..."But you kept it", the lady said to him.  He answered: "Did you want me to throw it back to him?" She said: "you have to pay".  He answered: "No, I am not...I didn't sign anything!"  How dare you oblige me to get your newspaper?  I already paid your $5.00 and that's it!!!"  She said she didn't care and was going to send the bill anyway... Will this be another case for a collection agency??????? We need advise!!!
But this is a lesson for those people who think that on these days you can still get bargains without a fight! Read between lines and beware of the tiny letters in a contract....they contain the most important facts of any of those vendor contracts!!!!  On these days, companies are trying to get their monies in the most deceiving ways!!!  Have a good day!!

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