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viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

To my Japanese Friends

In the middle of this solitude and sensation of abandonment...when you think that everything is lost and the end of the world has almost become a reality for you, dear Japanese friends, remember that your friends on this part of the world feel for you and are trying to reach you with our material and spiritual support.
When unexpected and almost unbelievable tragedies like these happen, no word of comfort, no material help is enough.  I can imagine the dumbfoudness and bewilderment that you must be experiencing in these moments; maybe you have little or no hope in the future and feel that everything is gone.  Your eyes look with no direction and you see nothing, but uncertainty...I can imagine.
I tell you that the mind is a very powerful gift of God... your God..
It can help you to hope; it can help you to want to turn your eyes towards us and see that we care; that we are trying to reach you; that the words of a writer express also the concern of the whole world; that your suffering and fright is ours; that we are waiting with you for news of stability.
Some days ago I heard what the world thought of you: of all the countries in the world, we know that Japan's reconstruction is going to happen fast, because of their ability to bounce back quickly...because they belong to a nation with people that are prepared technologically and unlike the rest of the world, they have a special kind of discipline which will  always push them forward. In the middle of your pain, your desire for progress,for overcoming difficulties, and your ability to come forward will always accompany you.
Japanese people, we will be by you and with you when this happens; and hear us, we will embrace you in your saddest moments!!!
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