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lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Doves and Our Anniversary

Doves have been for the longest time symbols of love, of justice, of peace,and of Christianity which symbolizes it as the Holy Spirit.
Rock pigeons selectively bred for their ability to home over long distances, called homing pigeons, have served humans in times of war as war pigeons, and have even been awarded war medals to honour their services to humanity. Imagine my great surprise, when today, of all days,our 35th anniversary of our wedding, I saw in a flowerbasket,which I had left hanging from the entrance porch of our house, a mother dove breeding her two babies...teaching them to fly out of their nest. I had seen them at the beginning of the spring, mama and papa,finding a place to lay their eggs, but did not think they were going to find it comfortable there. I don't know if it is a signal from God that soon I will have the three of them together or that God in his way, wanted to wish as a Happy Anniversary. and the initiation of a new spring in our lives.

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