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lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

The Spirit of the Mola

During the summer I had the privilege to visit the Islands of San Blas, home of the guna culture in Panama. Their world is full of symbology and profound respect for nature and their environment.  Their art, their everyday lives, their rituals for birth, puberty, marriage, and death, as well as their beliefs are full of wonderful lessons about the approach one has to take on life...respect, integration, sharing, pride of belonging to your community and listening to the experience which comes from your ancestors.
In guna territory, the golden people, live in a world of communion with nature and closeness to paradise.  Their molas, once written over their bodies, remain with you forever in these magic pieces of embroidery, taught by the godesses, and whoever posseses them will have a piece of the secret of universe in his hands.  Watch this beautiful video and try to imagine through their embroidery, the messages of nature and of  divinity.

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