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viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

Up to February 16, 2013

New York has always something educational and cultural to offer. Right around Christmas, the  city's Public Library always offers special exhibitions.  They manage to always bring some interesting pictures, information and objects related to an author, a book or some historical facts and objects which illustrate a certain time frame. This time, two special exhibitions captured my interest.  They were: Lunch Hour, NYC and Dickens.
Lunch Hour is an exhibit about how did this important time of the day originated among Americans and about how the types of food offered in automats, restaurants, coffee shops, delis and homes, were influenced by immigration and ethnicity. It also tells us about the availability of food during the difficult times like the Depression and Prohibition eras, about charity food and about school menus variation through the years.  But let us see the exhibition through the pictures I took and through the description given in their special pamphlet which they hand to visitors at the entrance.  I think that through these I have captured the essence of the exhibition.   Please click over the pictures to enlarge them.

origins of the menu collection


Letter to Mrs. Horns From Customer

Interviews to immigrants about food they eat.

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