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lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013




Once upon a time there was a tiny fairy princess who lived in a drawer of the little girl’s mommy’s chest, in the big bedroom of the big house down the block.  Sometimes her little wings would get stuck in the crevices when the mommy pulled out one of her sweaters in the morning.  The poor little princess had to twist and turn until she was able to set herself free.  Then, she would comb and straighten her wings.
Every morning, when the little girl and her mommy left the house, the little princess would sneak through the crevice and jump to the fluffy carpet and fly to the doll house in the little girl’s room.
There, she would visit her friends, the miniature dolls, who would be waiting for her in the kitchen to have some breakfast.  They liked to eat sausage and pancakes with maple syrup and drink chocolate milk.  They talked and talked about how they were so happy there and how the little girl tucked them to bed every night and read stories to them…Just like her mommy did for her.  Sometimes, they would even sneak through the door opening and watch her take a bath and wished they would also be able to share the water with the toys that lived in the tub. The mommy and the little girl giggled and laughed and the little girl, who had grown up a lot since last year, had learned to talk big words and told her mommy everything that happened in school and the cool games she played every day.  Oh!  How they wished they could go there some time…Maybe one day she would take them with her when it was Show and Tell time.  But dolls cannot be heard by humans because they have a very low voice….So low that they can only be heard by tiny people like them and the little princess…and of course by dogs and cats who can hear even the lowest sounds!  They thought the little girl was so lucky to go out into the world and see the flowers, butterflies and the busy streets and the tallest buildings…they wished somebody as tiny as them would be able to visit one day and tell them about the outside world.

So Easter was coming soon and the dolls at the dollhouse had planned a big Easter dinner and had invited the fairy princess. Spring was coming soon and some flowers were beginning to wake up from their long winter’s sleep. Their sprouts were starting to dress the dark branches and trees and the birds were slowly coming back from their winter trips.  So the little princess thought it would be nice to gather some sugary nectar from the first flowers and take it for the party.  She thought it would make a nice present, since she didn’t have any coins to buy something fancy for them.
So one day she decided to wake up early, as she always did, and quietly jump into the little girl’s bag pack and go with her to school.  And since she had heard about the early flowers at the school’s backyard, maybe she could take an advantage of this and jump out of the bag while the children were playing and collect the sweet treat.  This was also her first time out and she had never used her wings outside of the house, so she was really excited!  She had told her friends, the dolls, that she had to run some errands for her father, the Fairy King, because she didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

The ride was very pleasant, because the mommy had real good pictures and songs for the little girl to enjoy in her back seat and the little fairy princess snug her head out a little bit so that she could also watch them. 
Soon they arrived to school. At school everybody was very happy to see the little girl and to play and paint and read and dance with her.  Soon it was lunch time and everybody went out to enjoy the sunny day and the warm sun rays.
The princess jumped from the back pack and went around them.  But she had to be careful where she walked, because she was so tiny that the kids could step accidentally over her.  So she tip toed close to the school walls, and when everybody ran to the swings, she flew to a nearby tree.  Tommy, one of the kids, saw her, but he was not sure if she was a little person or a butterfly…so he said:  “Oh well...!” and off he went to the swings. 

´My, my, my!” the princess said, “My heart is beating hard!”  Then she flew around making wonderful circles in the air.  Flying outside the house is a lot of fun!  Suddenly she heard voices talking inside a tiny hole in the tree and wondered who could be there.  At first she was frightened, but then she saw a tiny wood door with a miniature flower crown hanging from it.  The door was slightly open and she realized that that’s were all the noise was coming from.
Just then a froggie, dressed as a gentleman, was coming out because he had to cough, and caught her looking.  He said:  “Wow, you are so pretty; what brings you here?” So she told him that she was trying to find some flowers to make some nectar for her friends’ party.   “Precisely, he said, we are having a meeting to plan our own party and choose the fairy egg queen!  Please come in and give us some ideas…maybe later, the hummingbirds can help you collect the flowers’ juice.”

So as she entered, she was very surprised, because she saw lots of fairies, who looked like her, running about, and some mice, butterflies, grasshoppers, ants, dragonflies and chubby birds, moving chairs and tables in a big dining room. 
So soon she was helping them and telling them, as if they were her best friends, about the house where she lived.  Everybody loved her and invited her to the meeting, where they chose the egg queen for this Easter.  She was all dressed in a light blue outfit made of flowers and her crown matched her dress.  Her wings were silver and shined so much that it seemed they were bathed with powdered glitter which had fallen from the sun over them. She flapped her wings in approval and was so full of joy and excitement, that she told  everyone, she was going to give them a special egg with a present inside.  All the animals clapped and danced around her. 

The animals and fairies invited her for the Easter celebration, but the little princess promised she would come over more frequently and said that she had promised her friends to be with them.  With that said, she asked them for help collecting the nectar. 
Time had flown and the kids were now inside the school and having their nap.  Soon they would be up and she would have to hide in the little girl’s backpack if she didn’t want to miss her ride back home. 
As promised, Mr. Frog sent two beautiful hummingbirds to help her and she met them at a branch in a bush near the school window.  Soon they were flying and looking for the early flowers.  It didn’t take them that long and they spotted two bright yellow daffodils and some blood red tulips which had just opened their flowers facing and enjoying the sun.  The Hummingbirds introduced their bills inside them and quickly extracted the nectar.  The little princess had brought a tiny jar and the bird put some of the sugary extract inside.  Then, they flew to a red vine which was just growing and got some more.  The little fairy was so surprised when she saw them fly backwards!  Perhaps if she kept visiting, one day she would be able to do the same thing.   When her jar was full, she thanked her new friends and went back to the tree hole to say goodbye to the other fairies and animals.  Priscilla, the egg queen told her that she looked a lot like her sister and that she thought they were cousins.  The little fairy princess was so excited that she promised to come back soon, for Nini’s birthday.

She was back just on time to hear the school’s soft bell waking up the kids and asking them to get all their things together to sit for the last activity of the day: Show and Tell.  To her surprise, the little girl                                                                                                                                                                        had brought one of her doll friends, Goldilocks, to show.  From the corner of their eyes, the princess and her looked at each other really surprised and blinked.  I guess Goldilocks traveled in the little girl’s pocket, so they never saw each other.  So on the way back they had to promise each other that they would not tell their stories until Easter dinner.
It had been a fun and delicious day for the little fairy and Goldilocks and very productive too, because when the party came, everybody said that the nectar that they poured over their pancakes was the most delicious treat ever and that  Nyomi should bring some more soon!

From Grandma Lucy to Nyomi on Easter Day, 2013
Hope you are a good girl and enjoy your new dress and have a wonderful time at the church and at Grandma Tammy’s home.  I promise we will look for fairies when I go; although I don’t guarantee we can see one, but now you know their secret and one day if you are a good girl, you might hear their litte voices around the flowers or in your dollhouse.  I also have to behave!

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