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domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

The Crossfit the Rock Party: a celebration of our two years anniversary

Today, "Crossfit the Rock" turned 2 years old and Larry and Carlo their founders and all of its members threw a big bash for the occasion. Carolee and her mom shared their home with us for the evening...and boy, was it a wonderful one!  We sat under a fancy tent with a bronze chandelier and we admired the beautiful landscaping in the yard.

 There were beer pong games and other games of skill.  The beer cups were aligned over the ping-pong table and the kids were excited as they threw their ping pong balls into the other team's cups. So much fun! 

 Larry is throwing his best shot!
One more time!

I even got to "funnel" some beer while everybody shouted with excitement.  Since I had to drive, I only did this once at the beginning of the party; anyway I don't like beer that much so, who cares?  They even had arranged to hire cabs to ride home the "disabled"!

I am tired of Barbequing!

                                                                                                      The birthday cake

Everybody brought food, desserts and all kind of goodies. I have never seen so much food! The pulled pork was excellent, and the chicken and ribs were out of this world. The barbeque tender, as I called him, kept making hamburgers and hotdogs forever...and Jamie's Cake was so artistic and out of this world. But what is mostly appreciated is the time that everybody that cooked something spent so thoughtfully in order to make this occasion a great one.
Debbie, Carolee's mom pampered us so much! Cleaning the tables, making coffe and tea to soothe our rumbling stomachs, getting out of her way, together with her daughter, to make of this a memorable night.


In what concerns me, It was difficult to recognize some of the members dressed in their clean and neat outfits..we usually look sweaty and tired!  But beneath all this appearance, what really matters is who we are! It's nice to get personal for a moment and get to know each other and exchange all kind of ideas, instead of only plain old physical fitness and crossfit talk. I did not know that the people which whom I share some hours a week are firefighters, Long Island Railroad employees, pharmaceutical representatives, lawyers, nurses, teachers...all members of a greater community, who everyday contribute in very important ways to make a better world!  I am so proud of being a member of their team and very grateful for their patience with people like me, that need to scale their workout...for obvious reasons!! Take a guess!! I am proud of being part of this great family which I joined almost two years ago and even though I get discouraged sometimes because of the hard work involved, I still want to go back, because they have already dug real deep into my heart.
Here are some other pictures of us!


Beca and Will

      Larry and some of the kids.

Matt has two beautiful girls by him

In case you are not familiar with the Crossfit program, I paste here a description of the program as posted in their web:
CrossFit is an extremely efficient and effective way to get into great shape. The CrossFit training system started at a maverick gym in Santa Cruz and quickly spread to Olympic and professional athletes, police and military special operations units, champion martial artists, and – like most of us here at CrossFit “The Rock” – everyday people looking for a superior way to get in GREAT SHAPE! ( my note:I AM WORKING ON IT!)
CrossFit workouts involve constantly varied (we can go months without repeating workouts), functional exercises (we do Olympic lifts, pushups, pull-ups, running, jumping, kettle bells, burpees, box jumps, etc.), done at high intensity (relative to your physical and psychological limits).
CrossFit is challenging, fun, and delivers incredible results. It’s also scalable so that anyone – from highly trained athlete to hardly-trained couch potato – can participate and achieve their fitness goals.
Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Everyday life, sports, combat, and survival reward this kind of fitness.
We can almost guarantee you that CrossFit is like no other training system you have ever experienced!
To find out more about CrossFit “The Rock,” please stop in or call 516-208-5894.
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