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sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Eduardo, I am proud of this recognition and the trust endowed on you!

I am very proud to announce that my son Eduardo Valdivieso has been elected as a representative for the student council at the Johnson School of Business in Cornell University, where he has won a two year scholarship for his MBA. All through his life Eduardo has strived for excelence in whatever he does and being able to do what he has finally understood as his goal for his future life is his major achievement. Eduardo is a people's person. Please let him tell you in his own words, the importance of the student council in the life of the school he attends; this is his platform:

Eduardo Valdivieso
“Bringing people together, because that’s what I do”
Quite simply, my ENERGY and PASSION for people will greatly impact Johnson in the areas of business, service, and leisure. Furthermore, I am committed to improving our brand and, consequently, our ranking by making the world more aware of what we already have in place and what we are ready to do
Business: Throughout my career on Wall Street and as a leader in several organizations, I built many relationships with successful professionals across various industries. I have been able to leverage these relationships to secure panelists and speakers for many events and plan to do the same as a member of the student council. I am especially talented in connecting people with others who can help them with their professional needs, while building mutually beneficial relationships.
Service: I plan on creating more opportunities for Johnson MBA’s to participate in community service activities that are impactful to its beneficiaries, while simultaneously creating leadership opportunities for participants. Specifically, I would like to form a joint community service program that involves other graduate schools as well as the undergraduate population.
Leisure: I would consistently look to improve the quality of life for Johnson students. I would like to start a weekly newsletter, “all things fun in Ithaca and beyond,” that keeps us more informed about concerts, festivals, and other enjoyable activities that we can attend. This newsletter would include several suggestions made by Johnson MBA’s on an ongoing basis. Moreover, I would work with the CMC and corporate sponsors to come up with creative ways of putting together networking events that are substantially more fun and memorable than what we are traditionally used to. For instance, we could have a “Price War” paintball match featuring CPG’s battling each other, with Johnson students on both sides.
Brand and Ranking: Johnson has significant upside for even stronger brand equity. Getting involved with the greater Cornell community is an excellent way to improve our brand and make us more noticeable. I will find ways for Johnson MBA’s to participate in committees that organize large campus events such as “Slope Day.” I would also work actively with students and alumni to learn more about their favorite Johnson experiences to include in our marketing efforts. Finally, I will work towards improving the quality and variety of Johnson memorabilia, including fashionable clothing, iPhone cases, and laptop bags that reflect our Johnson pride and make us more recognizable.
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