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sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

The Wasting Syndrome

Somebody once told me the story of that king who complained about the food he got, while his servants ate his leftovers, and what was left of them was eaten by the beggars around the palace...Waste is a common problem around the world.  In a world where food resources are getting scarcer and scarcer...where hunger is a common denominator in poor and underdeveloped countries...waste is not permissible.  Please watch this movie which was sent to me by a friend and which should be seen by all these people who think nothing of throwing food, who are not used to preserve energy and the resources which our struggling planet is loosing every day because man is not taking care of them. We should start by educating the world population to use and distribute wisely what our planet gives us.  Hunger should be attacked by teaching the poorer about ways to produce and save energy...about ways to create self-sufficient economies. We should interest communities to participate in programs which should prevent this so extended malady in the world.

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