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martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Yun Lin Chu, Whitney's Admirer

In the midst of the sad and tragic departure of one of the best singers in the world, Whitney Houston, we remember her through one of her best songs, and we find a Chinese boy, now 26 years old, who debuted in the Million Dollar Show in Taiwan (an equivalent of America's Got Talent) and who surprised the judges with his superb imitation of the now deceased superstar.
Yun Li Chun, a stout young guy, was invited by his parents to stop singing...or leave his house. Thanks to Susan Boyle's wonderful interpretation in America's got Talent, he got inspired to persue his dream of competing in the talent seeker show in Taiwan and was recognized for his excellent voice. Lin is well known for his mezzo-soprano-like countertenor singing voice, although he has an adult speaking voice. Lin also at times sings within the contralto range.Lin was voted off the show, but after a video of Lin singing the song made it onto YouTube, Lin became an internet celebrity,receiving more than 10,000,000 views of his performance
He was invited, later, in 2010 to the Ellen de Genere's show in the United States. At that time, when he was asked by Ellen about the bullying he was subjected because of his big body, he said that one of the things that kept him together was that he always has thought that there is a reason for everybody's existence in the world, and if you are confident, you can get back to those people by striving to be more succesful than them! A very powerful advice coming from a young person like Yun Li! Yun Li has continued to perform in different events and was a guest at America's Got Talent, Season 5:

He has been hired by HBO ASIA to perform in the miniseries of Untold Stories of 1949 about the sufferings of the people during the establishment of the Communist Regime.
Two of open success and not knowing what to do with it...about being overcome by life's adversities; about not being able to cope with the weight of being famous and not being able to have time to solve her immediate problems (Whitney)...and one that just starts, with so much hope that overcomes being ridiculed and finds a light in the lives of people whom he thinks made it, like Ellen Boyle...and ironically, his idol, Whitney Houston..who apparently had it all and after so much fight, didn't know how to cope with it!
Please enjoy the videos I present to you!
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