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martes, 25 de junio de 2013

Película Asu Mare de Carlos Alcántara

Comment in the weekly Peruvian newspaper Perú This Week:

The retro fashion in Peruvian Film 'Asu Mare'

Susana Aguirre

Carlos Alcantara an co. made us laugh and cry, but the film also made us nostalgic for all things retro and vintage.

‘Asu Mare,’ the blockbuster Peruvian film that traces the life of comedian Carlos Alcantara, which defied all box office expectations, is a time capsule into the fashion of the good ol’ days. We’re taken back to Alcantara’s childhood in the Unidad Vecinal Mirones in Lima in the 60s; then his experimental, crazy-for-the-ladies, wanna-be-a-surfer adolescence in the 70s and 80s; to his trying years in the 90s, and back to the present.
The awkward family gatherings, a mother’s sacrifice, military recruitment, school camp outs on the beach, crashing a Richie Rich party, becoming a door-to-door salesman, we can all relate to that, can’t we? And even if your mother never made it on the ‘Aló Gisela’ show, we’ve all gone down memory lane and looked in horror at the fashion faux paux that are all the photos we have from the 80s and 90s.
From the perms to the visors, the exaggerated patterned swimsuits and windbreakers, to the white fur lined jean jackets (I swear my brother had the exact same one growing up in the 90s) and vintage printed tees. How can we not love to hate, hate to love these awesomely retro fashion gems?
We’re not saying guys need to start bringing back Alcantara’s popped collar, fire red, floral jacket number. But we’re also not saying don’t listen to that inner voice that wants to dig out that soccer tee from the 80s, or the high waisted shorts, because we’d dig that.
Our fashion sense has grown up and matured, so if you’re ready to rock the retro style with pride and joy, but ended up giving away all of your adolescent treasures, here are a few places that can help you fulfill the fantasy:
In Lima
Galeria hopping on Ave. Grau in Lima center. You’ll find a lot of used clothing and trinket shops, close to the cross street Abancay. Make a day out of it and also head to Jr. Junin, specifically 265, where many a Peruvian fashion blogger go for their vintage pieces, as well as around Calle Capon, Lima’s Chinatown. The Mercado de Surquillo is another spot for old-fashioned furniture and vintage clothing. It’s a matter of walking, going in and out of places and asking around in order to find these treasure chests. Of course, for a fashionable selection of vintage pieces, there’s alwaysLas Traperas in Barranco, Jr. Colina 108.
Missing an extra snazzy jean jacket in your life? can help you.
Feel like your swimwear isn’t cut high enough, or isn’t neon enough? Ebay to the resue.
And for awesome vintage tees, you must check out this selection on Etsy.

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