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viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

The Miracle of Human Life

From the blog Medicine Forever, I bring to you a wonderful blog and a video which could change our view about the significance of life and which has been done with such mastership that it will make us open our mouths in awe!

The producers of this page have set as their goal to use it as " our space to share our knowledge and information in medicine, dentistry and pharmacology; and to learn from each other and benefit from the experience of others doctors and surgeons from around the world. It will be a door to get deep and deeper into a domain that develops with an enormous speed, giving us every minute wonderful discoveries about our bodies, and serving our health...
In such conditions, its an obligation for us as future doctors in the first place to always update ours knowledge, in order to get this fast train of evolution...we must fasten the belts and work as serious as we can to serve our countries, and, with the help of God, contribute as possible to save the life of people... Let's remember all that "medicine carries more responsibilities than just to be a shallow practice to get money and reputation above it". I breath medicine. Do you ?"

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