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viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013

New York I Love You

 Considered by some critics as one of the best clips of the movie

For me this 2009 picture is an extraordinary attempt by its 10 directors, as well by many very well known actors such as Andy Garcia, Julie Christie, Christina Ricci and Eli Wallach, to bring us the many different faces of the city of NY's five boroughs.  It shows us the many pictures of the city through 10 very related stories.  It is a city full of intrigues, very real dramas, and completely disinhibited, unconventional; and through the life situations depicted, the directors also are able to show us a naked New York, with its bustling streets, its tall buildings and its numerous crevices and special spots through which its residents live a very real life.  The directors have done a great job in showing the best spots of a city which never sleeps through the many dramas it shows us.
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