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sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

Peru Comes to You

I almost cried when I saw this video published by Living in Perú, a wonderful english magazine in Perú  ( I guess it is written in this language to promote our culture to english speaking people and countries). Six years ago I also decided to promote my country's culture through my articles in various newspapers and throwing many peruvian parties for my "gringo"friends so that they can have a taste of heaven in the US...our wonderful peruvian cuisine. That's why this peruvian initiative just brought me to tears...I can't express how much it means to us peruvians, that people from the world admire and want to come and visit our prosperous country...hope it continues like that after June 5th (a little bit of political talk doesn't hurt anybody!).  Please watch and resend this video... you have our peruvian permission.  Come, come to Perú and you will never cease to admire our heritage and the richness of our geographical regions, our wonderful cuisine; and overall, our welcoming people.
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